Voluntaryist Rap

by Eric Dubay

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Yo, I made a decision like 10 years ago, I’m on a mission, I wrote it down, here’s what it says bro. “I’m gonna end the NWO on my own” yeah I know, sounds pretty egoistic and optimistic, but someone’s gotta do it, and I’m a mystic, I saw the future, and when they finally find and kill me that’s what’s gonna prove it.

This goes out to all the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, corporate shills and their Freemason sell-outs, lobbyist pricks eatin’ dicks under the tables, Bohemenian Grovers burning our children, Kissenger I’ve been sent as death’s messenger, Obama, Bushes, Clintons and all you minions, guess what, we know your addresses, just wishing you the best and, hope you sleep tight every night when this track hits the presses.

By the way, thanks for 9/11 you assholes, the patriot act, stimulus package, banker bailouts, constant lies, wars, crimes stealing our lives, Priests and CPS raping our child, TSA grabbing your genitals, DHS checking your decibels, NSA watching you play with your testicles, NASA laughing with their fake telescopes, RASA copyin’ it all for the communists, JAXA Asians playing the same game and taxing the shit out their brain-washed populations, CIA recruiting the best of ya, DEA raiding your vegetable garden, LAPD shooting your dog’s face in, call it a mistake, then let you pay for the privilege. Fuck you very much you stone cold killers. There’s no excuse for what you do you get paid in stolen bills, taxation is thievery and the government’s more mafia than the Godfather trilogy. Get a real job, private sector mother-fucker, the government is for criminals. Check this subliminal: none of them are for the people. Public servant’s an oxy-moron you morons, there’s more arms in their arms than Hindu gods holding guns in a funhouse. The deck is stacked, and you can’t fight back when the dealer’s sealed behind bullet-proof glass. Hence voluntaryist rap, this here resort is my last, and so if anyone asks, why Dubay’s murdering tracks, it’s cause he’ll never relax until the people can grasp their fucking power and act.

This the next level shit bitches, indy rap from that flat earth guy destroying tracks and the entire industry while I’m at it expose your favorite rapper as being crapper than a lung full of dung trying spit this track out. Blacker than the black hole in Steven Hawkins brain-stem, white rapper make you forget eminem’s name then slim shady fading into the background when Dubay steps in eclipsing the mainstream like Rahu peeking around Meru, you’re see-through, like blue through the afternoon Moon, I see through ya, and I’ll peek-a-boo ya, like your deadbeat dad shoulda coulda done to you. Now hurry along son you probably should go before this flow hits the coast of your mainland bro it’s gonna blow all you know out proverbial windows and turn you all into ghosts, turn your mall into posts, gonna call in the coast guard, do you like Rothbart, turn you to a swan yah, force feed you then eat you like fois gras, point is you’re dead brah.

This last verse goes out to all the soldiers, no thanks for your service and no you’re not a hero. I don’t support your purpose, cause you’re just a bandolero, sent over-seas by some banker’s ones and zeros, to bring home all the cheese for your fat rat masters. You’re wearing dog tags cause that’s how they see ya as animals to slaughter for their Gucci and their Prada. You know you really oughta stop and think before you go man, cause soldiers stop being heroes when they leave their own homeland. Wait for a moment, consider what this song says, you can’t defend America by fighting over-seas and there’s nothing in the middle-east but Israel’s enemies! Come back home guys! They washed your minds with lies and sent you all to fucking die!


released May 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Dubay Bangkok, Thailand

I'm a 34 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach Wing Chun and Yoga, rap, write books, and head the International Flat Earth Research Society: www.ifers.ace.st

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