Sharia Law

by Eric Dubay

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This Inuit chick had an ass fantastic, her Eskimo bro implied it was plastic, I said I dunno go ask that Alaskan, but it was too cold so I went back to Nebraska, didn’t even ask her, kinda regretted it, coulda done better then got myself on sedatives, couldn’t forget her and fucked with my head a bit, turned into a celibate, learned Wing Chun, moved to China for the hell of it. Shaolin nun said, “son you’re an idiot. Don’t make a big deal of it, I’mma tell you some truth, your choice what you do with it, but listen up while I tell you what’s what. The moon is cold and the sun is hot. They both move but the Earth does not. NASA lies and the Masons got government ties inside the lodge. It’s like Yin Yang on their tracing board, chess-like floors Bobby Fischer abhors, scores and scores of their flip-mode whores, social engineers of the Brave New World. They’ve lied so long even they’ve forgot, what’s gonna happen when they get caught. The whole world’s fucked and it’s all their fault. Let’s lock them up and call them a cult.” Their very existence is an insult to all free people and God above, locked in their windowless lodges because, the darkness is where their souls get love. Sacrifice lambs for their apron cloth, on pentagram floors with the lights turned off, candles burn while these warlocks scoff, let’s shut ‘em down like old Adolf did when he rid them from Germany. Stop giving liars your sympathy. Good deeds have no need for secrecy. You do them in the light for everyone to see. Synagogues, Mosques, and Freemasonry should be banned in white countries. There is no room for diversity in multi-cultural ideology, just a brown melting pot stirred by the Jews, saying black lives matter while they fake you the news. Trash your national identity, then it’s easy to sell you their PC, bullshit version of reality, where white’s become the minority, in their own homelands they’re no longer free. Sharia law’s on its way from the East. Grab 4 wives and beat them with reeds. Don’t let them drive and teach them to be slaves to the men in their family, wear black like a mask for their whole body. Hey, let’s pray, 5 times a day, to annoying loudspeakers from miles away. Nah, Allah akbar’s better off from afar, leave Jafar and his entourage off at Qatar.


released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Eric Dubay Bangkok, Thailand

I'm a 34 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach Wing Chun and Yoga, rap, write books, and head the International Flat Earth Research Society:

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