Life on the Ball

by Eric Dubay

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Life on the ball, fantastic we don’t fall, amazing how the sun can shine so high. Life on the ball, gravity explains it all, be thankful that the moon remains in your sky.

You don’t have to be three standard deviations higher than the average Asian to see someone’s pissing down your leg and telling you it’s raining. Who’s your teacher? I’ll step in the class and touch ‘em. Lessons to smash and crush ‘em. Weapons of mass destruction. Itching to gas and flush ‘em. I know you know my motto. Nothing precedes my duty. They call me Obligato. They think the house is holy. Its incommunicado. They’re full of guacamole. I’ll crush the avocados. Call me the virtuoso, now that means aficionado, master of the Stratocaster, wizard with a pizzicato. Luciferian foolishness is what you follow, believing you’re on a ball you have all knelt down to swallow. Fuck all your bravado. If you’re dissing mister Dubay you’re dead or your head’s just hollow. I used to marvel at your little blue marble but now it’s impossible to countenance your global model.

Yo, Dubay’s back to blast tracks and to ask you questions, final mass class, the last flat pastor’s pending, first class broken glass globe package sending with a message to the Jews that your reign is ending. Like Payday said, Warriors are gatherin’, so here’s a smatterin’ of what your stupid fucking sheeple ass should be askin’ NASA: why the race with RASA? How’d you get there faster? Where’s the original tapes and telemetry data? You said you lost it, but what’s the cost? And you spent billions of our dollars turning us all into ballers, now take the fall and while you’re stallin’ ponder who you Jews and Masons gonna call when the ball is burnin’? When the world ain’t turning and the people learnin’ that it was you that lied to us told us we were moving. My mission’s coming to fruition, I don’t envy you dude, the end is coming so soon, your blue moon is through.

Now tell me why do seemingly logical men behave hostile when you question the orthodoxical nature of their gospel? And present several obstacles that render it impossible to reconcile the assertions they read in periodicals. The masses can’t stop screaming with emphatic passion. They have been inculcated in a dogmatic fashion. They do not know the extent to which NASA’s lyin’. They can’t wrap their curved mind around the flat horizon. It isn’t that surprising when they feel they’ve got a license to utter utter fallacies like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Saying the Earth is pear-shaped, what you free-basin’? You are just an actor clown front-man Freemason, tilting your Earth 23.4 degrees leaving you with 66.6 now you’re on your knees fellating these demons, see Satan has stolen your power at 66,600 miles an hour.


released May 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Dubay Bangkok, Thailand

I'm a 34 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach Wing Chun and Yoga, rap, write books, and head the International Flat Earth Research Society:

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