The Flat Earth Movement

by Eric Dubay

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released February 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Eric Dubay Bangkok, Thailand

I'm a 34 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach Wing Chun and Yoga, rap, write books, and head the International Flat Earth Research Society:

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Track Name: The Flat Earth Movement
The Flat Earth movement is taking on the world here. You are not living on a pear-shaped oblate sphere. Water finds its level, horizon stays flat, rises to your eyes, no matter where they’re at. The pole star hasn’t moved an inch in millennia, while the other constellations all around it turn perennial, group rotations in perfect formation never moving an inch from their relative locations. You’re not moving, the Earth is static, gravity is magic, the truth is tragic, you fell for some sad shit, time to redact it, Earth is flat, that’s that, can you grasp it? That last NAS-pic was faker than a spastic-ass crack-addict claiming to take his last hit. Your blue balls fit firmly in the cock-pit, of all your dog-shit bought by the public.

But not me bitch I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement. But not me see I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement.

Like Paul Bales sitting jealous in his bathrobe, or Steven Christ looking sly in his dim light, Orphan Red on her bed flashing gang signs, or Mark Sargent from a game-design standpoint, like Rayn Gryphon’s interpretive dances, Pat Steere’s fake smiles and furtive glances, Powerland’s weird songs and rambling rants, or like John le Bon always changing his stance. The shill M.O. it’s always the same, take the Flat Earth keyword and make it so lame, that it stays taboo and avoided like the plague, so it seems like your trolling and just playin’ a game, mix some misinformation and you’re ready to play, put Flat Earth in the title then you shills get paid, it’s as easy as that, just google hangouts all day, keep it kosher and bash on Eric Dubay.

But not me bitch I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement. But not me see I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement.

But you failed, under-estimated my drive, I’mma keep fightin’ for the rest of my life, exposing the truth, and destroying your lies, dethroning kings one at a time like my man Gerard Hickson, Thomas Winship, Samuel Rowbotham, and Charles K. Johnson, or my gals Lady Blount and Gabrielle Henriet, irrefutable proof is all you’re gonna get, like David Wardlaw Scott and A.E. Skellam, William Carpenter, Westfield, Eschini and Shenton your globe world disorder is what we are ending, veils are being lifted, that’s what you are sensing. Your control’s getting old, humanity’s moving on, we’re beyond playing chess, and we’re done being pawns, so prepare for the final checkmate, it’s on, once the tipping point’s hit, you mother fuckers are gone.

But not me bitch I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement. But not me see I’m runnin’ through your gauntlet, of paid shills like water through a faucet, right quick like I knew from the on-set, you’d try to hijack and co-opt the movement.
Track Name: Eddie Bravo Questions Everything
I was weary at first, but Eric Dubay has some compelling arguments supporting Flat Earth that can't be explained. Oh my God, Eric Dubay!? Yo Joe Rogan, what you been smoking? You know the Earth's flat, and that's your Fear Factor. You're just a failed actor, sold out to NASA, Neil Tyson's pear-shaped balls on your breath yeah, oh lucky lucky like one of Hugh's Bunnies, remembered that bit from when you used to be funny.

What the fuck!? Fuckers. The Flat Earth. Someone was calling me a Flat Earth sell-out. Fuck these guys. Fuck Eric Dubay. If he's ever on this show I wanna be outside waiting with a fucking baseball bat. Ok Eric. Ok Trevor. What the fuck ever. Threaten me with violence, I'll hit back with a feather. Keep your baseball bat and your piss-stained beard because the Earth's still flat and your tats are weird. Dinosaurs are fake and your mate there's queer. Now I'll drink me a juice while you have you a beer.

I'm glad I brought a lot of beer. You shill, they're coming at you now with Flat Earth knowledge. Bring it. Gonna confront you with Flat Earth reality bro. You're a shill! You're a Flat Earth shill, a dinosaur shill! Statements like that, that he makes, are just fucking irritating. Yeah, I know, that's why I say them. Always piss paleontologists off when I see them, in museums or any other place, anywhere they're trying to lie to my face. Hey, by the way, anyone remember back when Joe had knowledge and passion, back when he showed the fake Moon landings, back when was the Last Comic Standing. He'd oust liars and put them in their place, like Carlos Menstealia laughing in his face.

You know what's interesting about this guy is that he knows so much. Yeah, the guy that does 200 proofs the Earth is flat. He's using all this data that's actually factual. Think about it. Right now, you have 4 million subscribers that now know this video exists, that know Eric Dubay's name, that know that paleontologists can get riled up by this guy. They're now going to go look. His voice is annoying as fuck. Let's play more. Play more? No thanks. I'm out. Respect to Eddie Bravo for truly questioning everything, like you supposedly did Joe. Fuck you for saying supposedly.

The comments are amazing. So have you extensively looked into his research. There's definitely some fuckery going on with most of the ISS footage. Like all the videos have all been faked, every one of them. There is no such thing as gravity. Oh my god, that blows my mind. I have a friend that doesn't believe in satellites. Just keep perpetrating the lie that the Earth is round. Dinosaurs are not real. You're not just a Flat Earth shill, but you are also a dinosaur shill. People love to fucking get worked up about non-sense. Private tour of JPL? Fuck yeah! That shit isn't research. You're not a scientist. You're not wearing a lab-coat. That's not research. His simple statements are looping in thousands and tens of thousands of employees and museums and all of that world-wide. This would be one of the largest conspiracies ever.

So that's an absolute bullshit Eric Dubay outright lie. Eric, you're fucking wrong. Fuck you Eric Dubay! Fuck you Eric! Don't bring your Flat Earth bullshit into my profession. Fuck you. I will mock the living shit out of him until he wants to put himself into a chipper-shredder. We don't do it to try and convince the big mouth-pieces for these movements. We're trying to go for the people that aren't quite sure. If we embarrass the living fuck out of these people, those people will go "Wow, those guys are idiots, why did I even consider that the world is flat or that dinosaurs didn't exist?" We didn't shut them down early enough and now they're loud enough that we have a problem.
Track Name: Once You Go Flat
So Paul Michael Bales made a dis track about me
Him and Neil DeGrasse Tyson think they can rap now
Ok, I’m in

Hey. What’s goin on? Bustin raps now I’m flowin on. With a song, for your mom, tell her Earth’s flat and her ass is the bomb. Tell her Iraq sells crack to Iran. Tell her I’ll be back with a smack for her son then tell her she’s fat like a renaissance cunt. Tell her she’s whack like a 90s pun then start a slow clap when the rap’s all done. Tell her all that then tell her one more, tell her that you are the son of a whore. When she asks who and tells you to snitch, tell her that her son is a son of a bitch.

Anyway, it’s me, yoga guy weaponized version 2.3 here to bring truth to the unwashed masses, force you to put on your “They Live” glasses. What you see? Was I right? The Earth’s fucking flat - holocaust denied. Hitler was cool and not a bad guy. Talmudic Jews have control of your mind. Masons are tools singing shalom L’chaim. The Jesuits too, they’re the Vatican kind. The Presidents come from a royal bloodline, while the Jews choose which fool’s ass is assigned. The government’s leading in mafia crime. The word broken down means control of the mind. They probably will kill me for making this rhyme. And when they do that take the hint as a sign that Dubay was right all along the whole time!

Once you go flat there’s no going back, the plan of attack is to stick to the facts, the whole thing will fall when we give up the ball, and prove that the Earth isn’t moving at all. So it’s time to commit, put an end to this shit, draw lines in the sand, take sides with your fam, open minds if you can, show lies from the man, realize that the plan, is to take all they can. Educate yourself first then take a stand so you can demand the truth and command the proof in your hands when newbs run their damn mouths you can remain calm and say you’re all wrong. It’s a fact that Earth is flat bitch. NASA stole trillions then gave you CGI pics.

See for yourself the horizon never drops, 20 miles up still in the same spot. Flat Earth is not as dumb as you thought, I can prove you’re not moving whether you like it or not.

You see that light called the North Star? In the middle of the sky like a bullseye. It’s gonna be there the rest of your life. It ain’t movin’ and neither are you and the rest of the Earth that would be incongruent with the fact that you’d have to be assuming that North star just happens to be zooming perfectly with you and me for eternity that’s stupid

Once you go flat there’s no going back, the plan of attack is to stick to the facts, the whole thing will fall when we give up the ball, and prove that the Earth isn’t moving at all. So it’s time to commit, put an end to this shit, draw lines in the sand, take sides with your fam, open minds if you can, show lies from the man, realize that the plan, is to take all they can. Educate yourself first then take a stand so you can demand the truth and command the proof in your hands when newbs run their damn mouths you can remain calm and say you’re all wrong. It’s a fact that Earth is flat bitch. NASA stole trillions then gave you CGI pics.

Straight off the dome like Mark Sargent. Not really. From a video game design stand-point maybe. But, but, but, you know.
Track Name: Life on the Ball
Life on the ball, fantastic we don’t fall, amazing how the sun can shine so high. Life on the ball, gravity explains it all, be thankful that the moon remains in your sky.

You don’t have to be three standard deviations higher than the average Asian to see someone’s pissing down your leg and telling you it’s raining. Who’s your teacher? I’ll step in the class and touch ‘em. Lessons to smash and crush ‘em. Weapons of mass destruction. Itching to gas and flush ‘em. I know you know my motto. Nothing precedes my duty. They call me Obligato. They think the house is holy. Its incommunicado. They’re full of guacamole. I’ll crush the avocados. Call me the virtuoso, now that means aficionado, master of the Stratocaster, wizard with a pizzicato. Luciferian foolishness is what you follow, believing you’re on a ball you have all knelt down to swallow. Fuck all your bravado. If you’re dissing mister Dubay you’re dead or your head’s just hollow. I used to marvel at your little blue marble but now it’s impossible to countenance your global model.

Yo, Dubay’s back to blast tracks and to ask you questions, final mass class, the last flat pastor’s pending, first class broken glass globe package sending with a message to the Jews that your reign is ending. Like Payday said, Warriors are gatherin’, so here’s a smatterin’ of what your stupid fucking sheeple ass should be askin’ NASA: why the race with RASA? How’d you get there faster? Where’s the original tapes and telemetry data? You said you lost it, but what’s the cost? And you spent billions of our dollars turning us all into ballers, now take the fall and while you’re stallin’ ponder who you Jews and Masons gonna call when the ball is burnin’? When the world ain’t turning and the people learnin’ that it was you that lied to us told us we were moving. My mission’s coming to fruition, I don’t envy you dude, the end is coming so soon, your blue moon is through.

Now tell me why do seemingly logical men behave hostile when you question the orthodoxical nature of their gospel? And present several obstacles that render it impossible to reconcile the assertions they read in periodicals. The masses can’t stop screaming with emphatic passion. They have been inculcated in a dogmatic fashion. They do not know the extent to which NASA’s lyin’. They can’t wrap their curved mind around the flat horizon. It isn’t that surprising when they feel they’ve got a license to utter utter fallacies like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Saying the Earth is pear-shaped, what you free-basin’? You are just an actor clown front-man Freemason, tilting your Earth 23.4 degrees leaving you with 66.6 now you’re on your knees fellating these demons, see Satan has stolen your power at 66,600 miles an hour.
Track Name: Voluntaryist Rap
Yo, I made a decision like 10 years ago, I’m on a mission, I wrote it down, here’s what it says bro. “I’m gonna end the NWO on my own” yeah I know, sounds pretty egoistic and optimistic, but someone’s gotta do it, and I’m a mystic, I saw the future, and when they finally find and kill me that’s what’s gonna prove it.

This goes out to all the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, corporate shills and their Freemason sell-outs, lobbyist pricks eatin’ dicks under the tables, Bohemenian Grovers burning our children, Kissenger I’ve been sent as death’s messenger, Obama, Bushes, Clintons and all you minions, guess what, we know your addresses, just wishing you the best and, hope you sleep tight every night when this track hits the presses.

By the way, thanks for 9/11 you assholes, the patriot act, stimulus package, banker bailouts, constant lies, wars, crimes stealing our lives, Priests and CPS raping our child, TSA grabbing your genitals, DHS checking your decibels, NSA watching you play with your testicles, NASA laughing with their fake telescopes, RASA copyin’ it all for the communists, JAXA Asians playing the same game and taxing the shit out their brain-washed populations, CIA recruiting the best of ya, DEA raiding your vegetable garden, LAPD shooting your dog’s face in, call it a mistake, then let you pay for the privilege. Fuck you very much you stone cold killers. There’s no excuse for what you do you get paid in stolen bills, taxation is thievery and the government’s more mafia than the Godfather trilogy. Get a real job, private sector mother-fucker, the government is for criminals. Check this subliminal: none of them are for the people. Public servant’s an oxy-moron you morons, there’s more arms in their arms than Hindu gods holding guns in a funhouse. The deck is stacked, and you can’t fight back when the dealer’s sealed behind bullet-proof glass. Hence voluntaryist rap, this here resort is my last, and so if anyone asks, why Dubay’s murdering tracks, it’s cause he’ll never relax until the people can grasp their fucking power and act.

This the next level shit bitches, indy rap from that flat earth guy destroying tracks and the entire industry while I’m at it expose your favorite rapper as being crapper than a lung full of dung trying spit this track out. Blacker than the black hole in Steven Hawkins brain-stem, white rapper make you forget eminem’s name then slim shady fading into the background when Dubay steps in eclipsing the mainstream like Rahu peeking around Meru, you’re see-through, like blue through the afternoon Moon, I see through ya, and I’ll peek-a-boo ya, like your deadbeat dad shoulda coulda done to you. Now hurry along son you probably should go before this flow hits the coast of your mainland bro it’s gonna blow all you know out proverbial windows and turn you all into ghosts, turn your mall into posts, gonna call in the coast guard, do you like Rothbart, turn you to a swan yah, force feed you then eat you like fois gras, point is you’re dead brah.

This last verse goes out to all the soldiers, no thanks for your service and no you’re not a hero. I don’t support your purpose, cause you’re just a bandolero, sent over-seas by some banker’s ones and zeros, to bring home all the cheese for your fat rat masters. You’re wearing dog tags cause that’s how they see ya as animals to slaughter for their Gucci and their Prada. You know you really oughta stop and think before you go man, cause soldiers stop being heroes when they leave their own homeland. Wait for a moment, consider what this song says, you can’t defend America by fighting over-seas and there’s nothing in the middle-east but Israel’s enemies! Come back home guys! They washed your minds with lies and sent you all to fucking die!
Track Name: Blood Rituals
They got to me guys. They’ve been torturing me. Taped my eyelids open and forced me to watch V Sauce. They made me dress like a woman. They won’t let me write books or articles anymore. I can’t even make informative YouTube videos. They’re forcing me to release poorly mixed rap music, trying to kill the flat Earth movement. But don’t worry, it’s alright, I got a plan, hold on tight. I’m just gonna make best damn poorly mixed rap music that I can. Gonna cram solid grams of Eastern truth into this jam like it’s name brand Gerber baby brain food from Japan. Like Ayn Rand in a can, the truth’s in high demand, and the man can’t stand when Eric wrecks his plans. Got them searching foreign lands, got them eating out of my hands, like oh we just discovered gravitational waves, damn.

Yoga guy’s back with a rapid attack and a song full of facts to go along with the track. Doin’ old school rap with a new wave trap and a hard core back made to frame these facts so your mind can grasp where the hell I’m at when I say the Earth’s flat and your mom is fat and the jews are bad and we’ve all been had by a tribe of fags putting Rabbis lips on babies dicks while claiming it’s so religious to do this shit to our poor kids. They cut the skin off of our boys, they call us goys, suppress our voice, we have no choice, so don’t be coy, let’s make some noise, I’m not on roids, this rage is real, and you can’t deal with what I feel!

You are blind so fuck what you say, I’ll expose the flat Earth and Heil Hitler all day. Chant the verses and repeat them like a mantra then crash your lucid dream when these beats come to haunt ya. I’ll be all up in your head like a medulla oblongata and you’ll just be fucking dead like you were born in gaza. Stop eating my friends! You fucking parasitic vampires, massive scale compassion fail, you psychopathic assholes. Eating meat is not healthy or even necessary, and human bodies were designed to be a vegetarian. If you disagree with me I’ll come and see your family, kill your dog and eat your cat, then tell you that it’s natural. I’ll say I needed protein and then claim that plants don’t have it, I’ll say I like the taste and pretend that that’s not selfish. Say plants have feelings too and flesh is so delicious, so what’s so wrong with eating your family pet for breakfast?

How about some consistency here you hypocrites? It’s okay to eat fish, birds, pigs, and cows, but don’t touch Fluffy and Fido Eric, no, put them down, what are you doing? What the fuck man? I thought you’re a vegetarian, yeah, that’s why I ate your dog with side of fried asparagus. It is so hilarious that you all think I’m serious but you must be delirious if you can’t see you’re hypocrites. Your diet is violently killing animals silently in a slaughterhouse somewhere while you’re just chillin’ at Barnaby’s. And I know you don’t wanna participate in their murder but ordering corpses for dinner causes more slaughters, you sinner. So stop thinking you’re a winner with your rib and chicken dinner ‘cause you’re really just an idiot that doesn’t get the picture. Flip the scripture, who’s the victim? Forbidden fruit is flesh, this is sick man. No matter whether you’re eating a human or an animal you’re being a cannibal when consuming a salmon or when you’re eating a hamburger cause they used to be animals dammit happy with families ‘til you ended them prematurely, fucking asshole. Stop eating meat you compassionless bastards, if you are what you eat then you’re a bunch of rotten assholes, get it? You think it’s alright because you don’t hear them cry, they’re just living their lives, they do not want to die. They have a purpose and place, and that’s not on your plate. Can’t wait for the day this slaughter ends but until then fuck humans animals are my friends.
Track Name: Sharia Law
This Inuit chick had an ass fantastic, her Eskimo bro implied it was plastic, I said I dunno go ask that Alaskan, but it was too cold so I went back to Nebraska, didn’t even ask her, kinda regretted it, coulda done better then got myself on sedatives, couldn’t forget her and fucked with my head a bit, turned into a celibate, learned Wing Chun, moved to China for the hell of it. Shaolin nun said, “son you’re an idiot. Don’t make a big deal of it, I’mma tell you some truth, your choice what you do with it, but listen up while I tell you what’s what. The moon is cold and the sun is hot. They both move but the Earth does not. NASA lies and the Masons got government ties inside the lodge. It’s like Yin Yang on their tracing board, chess-like floors Bobby Fischer abhors, scores and scores of their flip-mode whores, social engineers of the Brave New World. They’ve lied so long even they’ve forgot, what’s gonna happen when they get caught. The whole world’s fucked and it’s all their fault. Let’s lock them up and call them a cult.” Their very existence is an insult to all free people and God above, locked in their windowless lodges because, the darkness is where their souls get love. Sacrifice lambs for their apron cloth, on pentagram floors with the lights turned off, candles burn while these warlocks scoff, let’s shut ‘em down like old Adolf did when he rid them from Germany. Stop giving liars your sympathy. Good deeds have no need for secrecy. You do them in the light for everyone to see. Synagogues, Mosques, and Freemasonry should be banned in white countries. There is no room for diversity in multi-cultural ideology, just a brown melting pot stirred by the Jews, saying black lives matter while they fake you the news. Trash your national identity, then it’s easy to sell you their PC, bullshit version of reality, where white’s become the minority, in their own homelands they’re no longer free. Sharia law’s on its way from the East. Grab 4 wives and beat them with reeds. Don’t let them drive and teach them to be slaves to the men in their family, wear black like a mask for their whole body. Hey, let’s pray, 5 times a day, to annoying loudspeakers from miles away. Nah, Allah akbar’s better off from afar, leave Jafar and his entourage off at Qatar.
Track Name: The Merry-Go-Round World
Hurry, hurry, step right up and catch a ride on the merry-go-round world! It’s a big blue marble that spins you up, down and all around. Hop right on the dreidel goy ball Earth. Just kidding children! You’re not spinning, you’re sitting still, you gullible silly billy believing all willy nilly what the telly and teachers tell you. Really? Really! The government doesn’t want you educated, they want you domesticated, like a good little statist, indoctrinated, medicated, a bit sedated and maybe even inebriated, as long as it’s on beer and other state-approved substances then that’s awesome kids, just don’t touch those other nasty things like natural herbs and magic mushrooms. Those are terrible, they’ll make you laugh and love life all the way into a jail cell, and we can’t have that now can we? What would happen to society if we don’t control sobriety and allow mother nature to decide for us, mushies, weed, and poppy seeds, THC and DMT, peyote and coca leaves, ayahuasca ceremonies, listen hippies we can’t have you raising your consciousness, communing with God, blissing out, blossoming on or it’s gone with us when the will of the populous becomes popular and people stop voting for politicians illusion of choice goes missing dominant voice starts listening prominent noise becomes whispering and liars become as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose in your orephus. You hear me kids? This is serious, you’re being mind-controlled on a level that would make Cathy O’Brien jealous. Everything in your textbooks comes direct from the government and is designed to malalign your minds from the divine. Your curriculum is ridiculous and your history is a fiction; they mixed some human and primate bones then called you homopithicus. I’m sick of this fucking shit, time for a field trip kids, eat these mushrooms and drink this tea, then lay back and relax while your soul leaves your body. These plants are gonna teach you more about yourself and this world than your teachers ever could.

Your true self is immaterial, your consciousness is ethereal, it pre-exists your body and transcends the material.

Just focus on the chant, give thanks to the plants, prepare your minds to expand into the expanse. The answer to cancer is plants man, the grandest ovation’s a grandstand, your greatest great uncle’s your grand-man, and Sam his man-wife is your trans-fam. Rants and rambling a random sampling of NAMBLA pamphlets says man-boy rape is totally legitimate. Can you believe that kids? The guile of these fucking pedophiles want your ass so bad they’ll say any shit to get it, forget it faggot go find yourself a gay midget or some shit. The sadistic psychopath pederasts running this world want you good goys and girls to just bend over and take it. They couldn’t make it to the Moon so they faked it. They take all your gold and replaced it. They mold you and sold you their savior. They Koshered your life then enslaved ya. They told you that Hitler was evil, then made you make friends with Israel. Call holocaust truth a denial, yet 6 million weren’t even in Weimar, they’re perpetual schemers and liars, always trying to bring about Zion, Anne Frank wasn’t even alive when, her father plagiarized her diary, and wrote it in ball-point pen, which didn’t exist then. The court found him guilty but you kids are still forced to read that shit every year and told it’s real.

There were no mass graves or gas chambers, no extermination orders, no infringing foreign borders, no forced invasion of Poland, just taking back what was stolen, no snubbing of Jesse Owens, more valor than Edward Snowden, more inventive than a Trojan, no he was not a Rothschild, yes he was in jail a while, but did not start the Reichstag fire, and did not escape off to China, Antarctic or Argentina, he and Eva didn’t even leave the bunker until they were six feet under, well not literally, they ate cyanide then had their bodies burned so they wouldn’t be raped, tortured and have their corpses put on public display like they did to Mussolini and Petacci. This is real history, the kind written by the losers, that you’ll never read in schools, because the fools who call you goyim don’t want you to know their lyin’.
Track Name: Bruce Hitler
Less than 3% of you people read books! This is blasphemy. This is madness. This is Sparta! All type of knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge. There is no future. There's no such thing. It doesn't exist. I don't sleep. You don't sleep? I wait. Take some mushrooms and squeegee your third fucking eye. You've got to say I'm a human-being god-dammit. I don't sleep. I wait. My life has value. The art of expressing the human body. Honestly expressing yourself, now it is very difficult to do. You borrow my brain for 5 seconds and just be like, dude, can't handle it. You shall not pass! Wow, and then what? What's the cure? Medicine? Make me like them? Oh my god, there is only this moment! Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water my friend. Running water never goes stale, so you gotta just be water my friend. He's a holocaust denier. He thinks Hitler was misunderstood. Jews are behind the whole thing. There's a Jew World Order. I've got friends that are Jews and sure they wish they ran the world. Yoga guy just weaponized flat Earth. I can see his day: Wing Chun, Yoga, Pilates, Jew-Bashing, Yoga, I mean like what? Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend. We know the air is unfit to breath and our food is unfit to eat. We know things are bad, worse than bad. They're crazy. You know just a handful of people actually run everything. That's true. It's provable. I'm not a fucking conspiracy nut. It's provable. A handful, a very small elite run and own these corporations which include the mainstream media. Do you know who owns 96% of the entire media? The Jews. They own it all: ABC, NBC, CBS. That's what Alex Jones isn't going to tell you. That's what Alex Jones isn't going to tell you. The Jews. The entire conspiracy, as Hitler knew, is Jewish in origin. That's where it comes from. And that's why Hitler is the most demonized person in history. Because when you go up against the greatest liars in history and you lose, you're going to become the most lied about man in history. And that's what's happened to Hitler. And that's why the Holocaust is not allowed to be talked about anywhere in Europe. It's illegal. And that's why they don't want you talking about those 109 countries they've been kicked out of. They'll just tell you those countries, all 109 of them, were just anti-Semitic. Conspiracy-theorist, Flat-Earther, Holocaust-denier; They come up with these to pigeon-hole researchers so instead of looking into it, they can just say a term like this and have a whole media machine to parrot this term and say it in hushed tones like you're someone who should never be listened to, and it's a position that should never be considered. They don't want you to go to the true seat of power, the true pinnacle of the capstone: the Jewish Freemason power.
Track Name: Goyim Revolution
Nazis took on the Jews and they lost. Germany knew just exactly what it’d cost. They made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Their voices are screaming from the grave listen up. Hitler shut down the Rothschild banks! Kicked all Freemasons out of their ranks! Opened up their lodges for the public to see! Freed Germany from Jewish usury! That’s why they drag Hitler’s name through the mud! So you won’t ever see him for the hero he was! And that’s why they do the fucking same thing to me! ‘Cause the Jews don’t want you to know their real history! Now this is what your country must do! Print your own money, tell the banks to go screw, themselves and their debt system, this is my mission, call it goyim revolution!